This fall and winter, rig companies will hire hundreds of new employees who have no rig experience.

The difference between the inexperienced applicants who will become rig workers and inexperienced applicants whose resumes are set aside is this:

Successful applicants will have clearly demonstrated that
they are a good fit for the rig's unique work environment.

Taking the Rig Readiness Quiz will help you determine if you're a good fit.

Why Can Offer Jobseekers Important Information about Rig Careers is run by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors, an association that represents all of Canada's drilling and service rig companies.  (Learn more about CAODC)

When jobseekers have clear information about rig careers, the whole industry benefits.  So the industry worked together through CAODC to create a 20-question quiz, covering the basic requirements that their HR departments look for on resumes.

Test Your Rig Readiness

Your quiz results will reveal if you're a good fit for a rig crew; and

why certain qualities are important to this team environment.