A New Magazine for The Rigs:  The Hitch


The Hitch strives to be equal parts executive comment and field perspectives. Executive comment will provide trends and industry overview. The Hitch will connect this macro-perspective with the operational knowledge of the field.

The result: a magazine that highlights the broad dynamics at play in Canada's oil and gas industry.  

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Fall OilDriller (2013) CAODC's Magazine, The OilDriller, explores the following features:

The third annual CAODC Fall Conference is coming up! Join industry professionals and presenters from the four Western provinces at this valuable event.

A great deal can change in 10 short years, especially where rig safety is concerned. Take a look at the industry's safety record then and now in Game Change: 2 Decades, 2 Stories about Rig Safety.

The last 10 years have seen intense discussion around rig fuel tanks. Understand what instigated industry's transition to a new fuel tank standard in Fuel Tanks and TDG: One Decade Later.

In the last fiscal year, oil producers sold Canadian oil at a rate much below the price point of the West Texas Intermediate (WTI); find out why in Crude Discount: What Land-Locked Oil and Gas Costs Canada.

AB Flood and CAODC Office Operations

Message to CAODC Members (Wed Jun 26) CAODC's downtown office has been re-opened and full internet service has been restored.  Staff will be contacting committee members to update them on next meeting dates.


Message to CAODC Members (Tues Jun 25) CAODC staff are scheduled to return to the office Wed Jun 26.

The following is an update of meeting cancellations for the week of Jun 24: 

CANCELLED: Government and Public Relations Committee Meeting (Calgary)
CANCELLED: Drilling Rig Executive Committee Meeting (Calgary)
CANCELLED: Information Technology Committee Meeting (Calgary)

CANCELLED: Sask HS&E Committee Meeting (Estevan)

CAODC staff have been unable to receive or respond to email since Fri Jun 22.
If you are a CAODC member who requires to immediate help from CAODC staff, please alert CAODC by using [email protected]


Message to CAODC Members (Mon Jun 24) With the recent flood of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, the CAODC office - like offices throughout Calgary's downtown - has been under evacuation orders.  The CAODC office has been without power.  Additionally the server had been powered down, and internet services have been disrupted.

CAODC staff have been unable to receive or respond to email since Fri Jun 22. 

We are optimistic that we'll be able to return to the office later this week.  However, we do not have an estimate for when internet service will be re-established.

Watch this page for further membership updates.   

The following committees will not meet the week of Jun 24 as initially scheduled:

CANCELLED: Drilling Rig Executive Committee Meeting (Calgary)
CANCELLED: Sask HS&E Committee Meeting (Estevan)

CAODC's secure site (MemberWeb) is fully functional.

Members can still use MemberWeb to upload activity and safety stats and to download association information.

CAODC's public site (www.caodc.ca) will not be updated until further notice.

This includes the website's section on industry statistics and rig counts.

If you are a CAODC member who requires immediate help from CAODC staff:

please alert CAODC by using [email protected]

CAODC staff and directors sincerely hope that the families rebuilding homes and communities are able to return to their normal routines soon! 


Spring OilDriller (2013) CAODC's Magazine, The OilDriller, explores the following feature items:

CAODC at Work: CAODC relies on networks of committees to dig into industry's challenges.  See how these networks coordinate with Association decision-making.

Rig Career Ads on CTV2: CAODC partnered with CTV2 to profile two occupations on a rig crew.

CAODC Safety Awards: The Tradition Continues: Mark Scholz, CAODC President, offers a good news story at the 2013 CAODC Safety Award banquet.

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Winter OilDriller (2013) CAODC's Magazine, The OilDriller, explores the following feature items:

Market Forces Fleet Deeper: The drilling fleet is expanding to include rigs that have a greater reach.

Natural Gas in Canada: the Big Picture

Facts on Camps: A new CAODC bulletin outlines the responsibilities to meet regulations when providing employees with camp accommodations.


The Facts on Oil Sands – There’s an app for that!     Are you looking for better ways to communicate facts, clear up misconceptions and discuss the benefits of Canada’s oil sands? The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) has a comprehensive and ever-current smartphone app just for that.

Downloading the app is easy. From your mobile device, search ‘oil sands’ in the Apple or BlackBerry app stores or click the links below. Downloading the app takes only a few minutes.

BlackBerry: http://bit.ly/Hhk7N5

Apple: http://bit.ly/zwsRWi


FALL OilDriller. CAODC's Magazine, The OilDriller, explores the following feature items:

Behind the Name Change: Why a Mud Tank is sometimes a Mud Pit

CAODC Forecast - Mid-Year Review

'Historical Tour': Rig Changes from a Crew's View


CAODC Recommends Truthland Movie   Public concern over natural gas and hydraulic fracturing has become increasingly anxious, especially with so much attention focused on Josh Fox's Gasland.

Shelly - a Pennsylvania teacher and farmer with wells planned on her land - needed to have the facts. So she took a trip and talked to experts from industry, environmental groups and universities, as well as people who can light their tap on fire. Nobody got paid - there were just asked to tell the truth. The result of her fact-finding trip is Truthland Movie, a counterpoint to Gasland.

Watch the movie or, for a Canadian perspective on natural gas and hydraulic fracturing, see the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer's Upstream Dialogue: The Facts on Natural Gas.

CAODC at Earth Science for Society     Last May, the Calgary Telus Convention Centre was packed with junior high students attending Earth Science for Society (ESfS).  In the midst of the crowds, a team of rig workers were helping students better understand oil and gas drilling.

ESfs is a 3-day event that runs in conjunction with the annual GeoConvention.  The GeoConvention targets the geophysicists, but ESfS has a different mandate: to showcase the diversity of work in mining and resource development to junior high students.

CAODC recognized the event was a perfect venue for the drilling industry to highlight what a rig does when drilling a well.  The drilling exhibit showcased the structure of a well with rig employees on hand to explain the different components of a well bore: surface casing, intermediate casing and production liner.  The take-away for students?  Industry is cognizant to protecting groundwater layers.

Students who participated in the presentation got a bonus opportunity to gear up in PPE and have their picture taken ‘posing as a rig crew’. 

With the oil and gas industry increasingly being called to question in the public sphere about operational practices, this kind of public outreach is an important initiative.  And the exhibit benefitted from having employees with direct rig experience staffing the space.  That kind of credibility goes a long way when dealing with a junior high age group!

CAODC is on YouTube!
    This spring, CAODC has a good news story to share.  2,300 Drillers and Rig Managers received a CAODC Safety Award and we've put the message on our YouTube channel: The CAODC

The OilDriller
     You can follow the progress of the CAODC community through The OilDriller.  Watch for it at your rig site or access it online!

Spring 2012 Features:

Open Road Ahead: Saskatchewan Rolls Out a Service Rig MOU

TC44 Fits a Square Tank in a Round Hole

Adding up the Hourly Wage: The Rig Tech Premium 

Drilling in Alberta?
         Investment drives when, where, even if, a rig will work.Markets go up and markets go down, and this roller coaster makes for a wild ride in the oil patch.  The Alberta government has taken note of the drop in oil and gas investment in recent years. And this province wants working rigs. Every rig at work generates 135 direct and indirect jobs. (Centre of Energy Research Institute's estimate)Follow the developments on the critical role Alberta's leaders want for tomorrow's oil and gas industry at