Drilling rigs are in operation around the clock, and 3 crews are needed to cover each rig.  (One crew takes the day shift, another the night shift and the third crew is between shifts, on days off)

Each drilling crew has between 4 and 6 individuals:


The Leasehand performs general labour and maintenance tasks around the rig site, such as helping to dig drainage ditches and to grease equipment.

Some rig crews do not have Leasehands. On these crews, the entry level position is the Floorhand.
  Floorhand (aka Roughneck)   
The Floorhand handles the drill pipe on the rig floor. Some rigs will have 2 Floorhands.

A Floorhand’s responsibilities also include equipment maintenance, mixing mud and chemicals and assisting other crewmembers.
The Motorhand looks after the engines and other machinery. The Motorhand works on the rig floor with the Floorhands and is involved in the training and supervision of these junior crewmembers.

Before 'tripping', the Derrickhand climbs the derrick to 25 metres above the rig floor to a monkeyboard where he will guide the top of the pipe.  The Derrickhand also monitors and records mud flows.

"It's not a normal everyday job.  It's something out of the ordinary."

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The Driller supervises rig crews, monitors the operation of drilling equipment and reports directly to the drilling Rig Manager and the Wellsite Supervisor.  The Driller operates the draw-works, rotary equipment and pumps, and supervise the assembly of drill string.  

The Driller ensures that safety and support equipment is functioning properly and is responsible for the training and effectiveness of the crew.

    Rig Manager     
The Rig Manager is the senior supervisor on site and is in complete charge of the rig. The Rig Manager is responsible for the rig crews, the equipment and the overall operation.

The Rig Manager’s direction and leadership keeps the operation running smoothly.

Other people will be on site and involved in the drilling operation who are not employed by the drilling company.   For example, the WellSite Supervisor is on the site to represent the operating company that has contracted the rig to complete a drilling program.