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All of Canada's drilling companies are members of CAODC, and they all are listed here.  Use the search options below to find out how to contact them directly about job opportunities.

Most drilling companies have human resources departments in Nisku, Alberta, but these recruiting centres staff rigs all over western Canada.  You will be travelling from your home to the rig’s current drilling location.  The location of the human resources office has nothing to do with the area that you’ll be working in.

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Why are the Industry Contacts Sorted by ‘Number of Rigs’?
The industry contacts are searchable by the number of rigs a company operates.   This is so that you have a bit of context about each company.  It gives you an idea of what to expect when you contact them. 

If you're getting in touch with a company that operates dozens of rigs, you'll likely be reaching a recruiting department.  If you’re contacting a company with fewer rigs, you're likely speaking to someone who fills several roles in the office while managing employment inquiries. 
Another detail to be aware of: large companies have many rigs that don't work in the summer, but these rigs need crews for the winter.  A smaller company won’t have as much equipment racked through the summer and may have opportunities come up well before peak drilling season.  For example, a 6-rig company could have all of its rigs working in September, while a 50-rig company may only have 35 rigs working in September.  The 50-rig company will actively seek new employees in fall and winter, while the 6-rig company will only be hiring if an employee moves to a different position.
The industry contacts are also structured this way because you may have your own preference about the size of company you want to work for.