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When to Apply

Rigs are busiest in winter.

In spring, thawing roads and soft fields make it difficult to move equipment.  Rigs shut down while industry waits for the ground to dry out.  This period of low rig activity is called spring break-up.

Because of the way energy companies time oil and gas exploration in western Canada, rig activity will remain low through the summer and start to climb again in the fall. 

Industry hires for winter operations in November and December.  This period is known as ramp up.

What Does This Mean for Your Job Application?

The hardest times to get hired are spring (when rigs aren’t working) and summer (when drilling companies focus on getting experienced employees back to work).

The best time to inquire about job opportunities is right before peak rig activity (November and December).  That’s when the industry fills crew vacancies with new applicants.   Fall is also a good time to inquire about employment.

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