The Rig Tech trade was developed by industry. Senior management, drillers and rig managers worked with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) to develop a training program that made sense for rig crews.

A Provincial Apprenticeship Committee (PAC) advises provincial apprenticeship divisions about any changes that should be made to the trade. The PAC is made up of senior management and drillers. 

The Rig Tech PAC began as an Alberta AIT committee. However, as the trade expanded into other provinces, industry has asked that all provinces be invited to these meetings. 

Your PAC is your voice in trade matters! If you have comments about the Rig Tech trade, you can raise them with a PAC member or with CAODC.



The Rig Tech PAC strives to maintain a membership that represents the many unique facets of the drilling industry. The committee is made up of 50% employees and 50% employers who represent:     

  • different sized companies (large, mid-size and small)    
  • companies with different specializations (shallow drilling, deep drilling, coiled tubing)